Overnight oats

I like overnight oats a lot because it’s such a fast and healty breakfast you can take easely on the go. In the evening, it’s not more than putting the base ingredients together in a glass jar and place them in the fridge. Lately I add also a spoon of chia seeds for some extra omega-3 fats as base ingredient. This process only takes me two minutes.

Food Portion Calories Protein
Oats 100 gr 360 12,5 gr
Full Milk 250 ml 163 8,25 gr
Chia seed 8 gr 47 1,36 gr
Total   569 22,11 gr

Make sure to adapt the quantities based on your individual need. You can use apps like FatSecret to help you calculate this the easy way.

The morning you want to eat it or leave the house to eat it a little bit later. You can just add whatever you like most. I have two favorite ways of finishing the base.

The base ingredients

Image Image Image

Walnuts, raisins, cacaonibs & apple


Food Portion Calories Protein
Walnuts 20 gr 142 3,1 gr
Raisins 20 gr 68 0,6 gr
Cacaonibs 4 gr 22 0,56 gr
Apple 1 piece 70 0,35 gr
Total   302 4,61 gr

Speculaas & apple

For this one, it is nice when it is a little bit warmed up in a microwave. Add the speculaas1 crumble and one apple in small pieces. Yummy! Great for extra calories during winter period.

Food Portion Calories Protein
Speculaas 40 gr 185 3 gr
Apple 1 piece 70 0,35 gr
Total   255 3,35 gr
  1. that is how we know it and say it in Belgium, speculaas is a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit