Optimize your commute trip

Commuting to work has a lot of health benefits. You can reach your move goal very easely and reduce stress levels at the very same time. The best part is even that you don’t need additional cardio time in the weekend or evening if you commute a lot. Todays advice could reduce your trip time or increase safety.

An easy way to optimize your day to day commute trip is using Strava Global Heatmap.

Compare the route

If you compare the route you take with the same location on Strava Heatmap, you could discover better alternatives like for example this one in Zaventem.

I like the alternative better because it is most of the times faster. But the main advantage is it has traffic lights to help you cross the N262 more safely. On the original route, you are dependent on the cars to let you cross the street. And from experience, I can say the lights work much better.

The suggested F3 bikeroad in Zaventem


The discovered alternative