Speed up your development pipeline

On very large repositories, with a lot of files and history, downloading the git repository can take a lot of time. For most scenarios, like the CI pipeline for example, only the latest version of the files is sufficient. No need for a full local repository with all branches and history.

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Optimize your commute trip

Commuting to work has a lot of health benefits. You can reach your move goal very easely and reduce stress levels at the very same time. The best part is even that you don’t need additional cardio time in the weekend or evening if you commute a lot. Todays advice could reduce your trip time or increase safety.

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Producing your own milk kefir

We read a lot about probiotics and how good they are for us. They would boost our immune system and are related to the happiness hormone Serotine as well. That’s for me a good reason to include a glas of kefir each 2 or 3 days as good habit.

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