Overnight oats

I like overnight oats a lot because it’s such a fast and healty breakfast you can take easely on the go. In the evening, it’s not more than putting the base ingredients together in a glass jar and place them in the fridge. Lately I add also a spoon of chia seeds for some extra omega-3 fats as base ingredient. This process only takes me two minutes.

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Unit testing big legacy code bases

When you enter big legacy code bases that do not have yet a lot of unit tests, it can become a hassle to link all the relevant files for a certain refactor or fix to the test target. Because of all this hassle, it can be handy to add the following line on top of your test file. All the public and internal symbols from the app target will become ...

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Unit testing completion handler

When unit testing asynchronous code like a completion handler, we could end up with false positives in case we just add some assert in the completion block. A better strategy is shown in the following sample. We will eliminate the false positive by the use of the waitForExpectations function.

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